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BEARicuda Bins™: A Container You Can Depend On, A Name You Can Trust

You won’t find a better Bear Proof Container than our BEARicuda Bins™ for the money. These trash cans not only keeps all types of animals out but is affordable unlike so many other expensive Bear Proof Trash Cans. We offer a comprehensive line of refuse solutions in a variety of sizes and colors. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations, if it's not a BEARicuda Bin™ - it's not the one you want!

BEARicuda Bins™ Basic
Our BEARicuda Bins™ Basics models feature our 30 gallon Deep Chocolate Brown BEARicuda Bin™ is an attractive color keeping with good aesthetics. It's companion is a smaller 20 gallon bin perfect for recyclables. Both cans feature a durable screw top lid that won't blow open in the windy conditions and also keeps bears, raccoons and other critters from rummaging through your trash and making a mess all over your lawn and roadside.

BEARicuda Bins™ Fortress
Our Fortress models are wheel garbage cans that make it a breeze to transport trash down to the curb for easy pickup. Just like the BEARicuda Bin™: basics models, these yellow BEARicuda Bins™ come with screw top lids. Because these garbage cans are bigger and tougher, they are ideal for those with larger trash needs. Use the 50 gallon BEARicuda Bin™ Container for recyclables and the larger 95 gallon for trash.

Hear What Customer's Are Saying About Bearicuda Bins™

"I recently purchased a Bearicuda 95 gallon bin. The Bearicuda bin was delivered in 48 hours from the time of order placement and put to the test. My garage had been broken into twice by a 350 pound male black bear; size confirmed by NH Fish & Game. He crushed a very sturdy 32 gallon can after breaking through the door. I placed the Bearier bin outside. This morning the bin was gone. Fortunately, it was soon retrieved from the wooded area nearby, unopened and intact with no visible damage. Quality, features, and service were outstanding and I have recommended the product to friends and neighbors who have suffered similar intrusions."

B. Eisenberg
NH - July 2007

BEARicuda Bins™ Classic
These Bear Proof Containers can withstand the harsh pounding and persistence of large Bears. These bins were made to be Bear Container Proof Garbage Cans so if a bear cannot break the through it nothing can. There are many containers that claim to be Bear Proof Garbage cans but they come with an expensive price tag. Our mobile green 95 gallon BEARicuda Bins™ garbage can is they premiere bear-proof can on the market today. It's been tested and approved as an affordable and effective solution for keeping bears out of your trash. The smaller blue 32 gallon can is ideal for recyclables and comes with 12" wheels for greater convenience.
Our New Critter Bin™ is a 32 gallon wheeled garbage can specifically designed to keep dogs, raccoons and other small animals and critters out of your garbage.

  • Tested and approved
  • Our Bear Proof Trash Cans are endorsed by the unbiased and reputable Bear Group and Save new Jersey Bears.org non for profit organization
  • Bear Proof Containers come with our 30 day money back guarantee.
  • These cans keep out all types of critters to large black bears
  • BEARicuda Bins™ are affordable unlike many other awkward and bulky containers

BEARicuda Bins™ Trash Enclosures
These Bear Proof metal trach enclosures are inpenetrable. Store your poly garbage containers inside these metal vaults. Their 12 guage welded steel construction creates a barrier that keeps even 1100 lb grizzly bears out of your trash. These are designed and proven to be 100% bear proof. Unless you give the bear the key and teach him how to open the door they will never get in.

Pedistal models are also available with the strongest pedestal stand on the market today at 75 lbs compared to others at 30 lbs.

Critter Bins™
BEARicuda Bins™ newest line of animal proof cans is the Critter Bin™ series. These dog proof trash cans were designed for those who don't need all the protection that the bear proof cans provide but need something to keep dogs and smaller animals out of their trash. Available in 3 colors, in 32, 68 and 95 gallon size wheeled garbage containers.
We have been providing solutions for homeowners and companies for over 20 years. Our innovative BEARicuda Bin Garbage Cans are simply the best cans on the market today. It is no reason so many of our customers stand behind them. We have the best selection and prices to meet your budget. Our cans have been tested time and time again by some of the most well respected independent organizations in the world.

These organizations include:
1) LWWF (Living With Wildlife Foundation),
2) Montana Fish
3) Grizzly Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone, Montana
4) Wildlife & Parks
5) Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee Testing Program For Bear-Resistant Products

Our Bear Proof Cans have passed these test the first time while many of our competitors cans took several times to come up with an acceptable product. Our latch system has been used in the marketplace within different product lines for over 50 years, now that’s testing. Studies show that latch system is the easiest to use and delivers the best protection against many kinds of animals including Grizzly Bears.

Best of all we sell 5 different styles of residential carts that all perform equal without having to worry about black bears vs a Grizzly bear. Just purchase any of Bear Proof carts and they all will perform according to Grizzly standards.


Disclaimer: Though BEARicuda Bin™ trash cans have been rigorously tested, we cannot make with a 100% guarantee that a bear or any other animal will never penetrate any of our cans. All animals are unpredicatable and many (such as bears and squirrels are very tenacious). All our cans have been an effective deterrent against all types of animals in which most never penetrate the can, note damage can be done to the can in which BEARicuda™ Inc, Inc will not refund or replace the can. Cans maybe damaged in certain instances because this is the byproduct of having an animal trying to get into your trash.

Example, squirrels because of the extreme sharp teeth and after prolonged periods of time could potentially gnaw into the can where other larger animals cannot access. This is a rare event, but must be noted because no poly can on the market today is completely impenetrable. In 95% of cases you will find your can a complete deterrent for bears and all other animals.

Shipping Note: When multiple containers are shipped, cans are nested (placed inside one another) in order to minimize shipping costs. As a result the container lids may be temporarily misaligned during shipping. In the event of your lid alignment is skewed slightly, it is easily corrected by simply clamping each lid in place and letting it sit for a day or longer to establish proper realignment.

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