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An Approved Bear Proof Container And Garbage Can Called The BEARicuda Bin™. It's A Heavy Duty Bin, With Extra Wall Thickness.

You won’t find a better Bear Proof Container than our BEARicuda Bins™ for the money. These trash cans not only keeps all types of animals out but is affordable unlike so many other expensive Bear Proof Trash Cans. In addition our Deep Chocolate Brown is an attractive color keeping with good aesthetics.

BEARicuda Bins™ keep bears, raccoons and other critters from rummaging through your trash and making a mess all over your lawn and roadside. These Bear Proof Containers can withstand the harsh pounding and persistence of large Bears. These bins were made to be Bear Container Proof Garbage Cans so if a bear cannot break the through it nothing can. There are many containers that claim to be Bear Proof Garbage cans but they come with an expensive price tag unlike our Original Critter Can that was made into the BEARicuda Bin™ that has been adopted by the well respected Bear Group with their sign of approval.

Other Bear Containers are more complicated and take up more space. These cans are simple yet effective. We offer them in yellow and our exclusive brown will be available January 1, 2007.

Through the dedication and perseverance of numerous Bear Group volunteers, this new Can has been discovered, tested and is now being offered to homeowners, municipalities and other associations to help prevent bears and other animals from coming into our neighborhoods and recreation areas for left over food and trash.

Bearicuda Bins has teamed up with the BEAR Group to create this affordable Bin also known as The Critter Can™.

This Can should be kept outside (preferred) all the time. Once your neighborhood bears learn they cannot get into this Bear Proof Container, they will move on, keeping their consumption of unnatural foods at a lower level. When bears consume only natural food, their reproductive rate goes down.

Our Container is nestable to help save on shipping when ordering multiple cans. Many neighborhoods or communities are getting together to order multiple cans to save on bulk pricing and more affordable shipping costs.


In New Jersey, thousands of BEARicuda Bins™ have been assembled and distributed by The BEAR Group, thanks to the dedication and contributions of members and local businesses who generously volunteered their efforts.

The BEAR Group would be happy to assist your town, lake community, or organization in implementing a successful program to prevent unwanted bear encounters and to protect our beautiful and wild bears from becoming human-habituated and garbage-conditioned.

  • Our Bear Proof Trash Cans are endorsed by the unbiased and reputable Bear Group and Save new Jersey Bears.org non for profit organization
  • Bear Proof Containers come with our 30 day money back guarantee.
  • These cans keep out all types of critters to large black bears
  • BEARicuda Bins™ are affordable unlike many other awkward and bulky containers
  • Cans come standard with handles to make twisting off lid and carrying container a breeze.
  • We also offer a Deluxe Animal Proof Garbage Can on wheels that is extra tough (PAK150B, PAK199B)
  • Description – 30 Gallon Drum with Screw Top Lid
  • Construction – Blown Molded HDPE with UV Protection
  • Dimensions – 29” Overall height X 22 5/8” Top Diameter X 16 5/8 OD Bottom
  • Minimum Wall Thickness 0.124” at Bottom Corner
  • Minimum Wall Thickness .115 at Lid
  • Drum Weight – 23 lbs.
  • Volume Capacity – 30 Gallons
  • Weight Capacity – 397 lbs
  • Gasket – 3/8” Thick Closed Cell Neoprene Foam
  • Ratings: UN/DOT requirements for drop, stack and vibration testing with solid contents.


Just to let you know I can give you a testimonial that the BEARicuda Bins™ is bear container proof. The bear visited my house last night and the can was full of garbage. The bear rolled the can about 50 feet and gave up trying when it could not be opened. This bear was a medium size. This was the second time the bear tried to get it open. The first time the can was empty and the can had a few teeth marks and mud from his paws. Still the can could not be opened. The garbage collectors also don't seem to have any trouble unscrewing it. I thought I would share this information with you. Thanks again and good luck with your cause.

--B.G., Sparta - December 8, 2003

The BEARicuda Bin™ Bear Proof Garbage Can has still not been able to be opened by any bear that tried. Just this morning we were awakened by a loud noise at 5am. It was still dark and our outside sensor light came on. My wife and I when to the back door and there was this huge bear trying to open the BEARicuda Bin™ Garbage Can . The container had garbage in it. This bear was over 500 lbs in my estimate. He could not unscrew it or collapse it. He tried for no more then 5 minutes and left. If this big bear could not get the can open, I think the BEARicuda Bin™ is truly bear proof. Thanks again.

Bernie Gobel and Family, Sparta, NJ - 4/4/05

Hardware For Bear Proof Containers.
If you did not purchase the Original BEARicuda Bin™ from us and need handles for your Bear Resistant Container now you can purchase them. It make twisting off and on your lid a snap. This hardware kit contains 3 handles. Two handles are placed on top of the container and the additional one handle is placed on the bottom lower side of the Container for lifting and carrying. Also use these handles as a means of securing the the cans to a stake in the ground.

Mobile Screw Top BEARicuda Bin™ Offers Mobility, Convenience And The Most Indestructible Container On The Market Today.

This Bear Resistant Container offers mobility and the best in durability. Our Mobile Screw Top Model is the best when it comes to being the most durable and virtually indestructable. This Bear Container Proof Garbage Can makes hauling your trash to the curb easy. It offers more durability and four times the thickness of our standard Bear Proof Containers, absolutely nothing can penetrate through these containers regardless of the conditions.
  • Just twist off the top the morning of garbage pick up.
  • PAK150B is for smaller trash needs
  • PAK199B is for larger trash needs.
  • PAK199B Dimensions (INSIDE: 34 ½” High x 17 ¾” Base x 20” Dia) OUTSIDE: 39 ½” High x 18 ½” Base x 24 ½” Dia)
  • PAK150B Dimensions (INSIDE: 37” High x 25” Base x 27” Dia) OUTSIDE: 47” High x 36” Base x 32” Dia)
  • Hardware not needed

Mobile BEARicuda Bins™ Look Like Your Standard Garbage Container But Will Keep Out A Grizzly Bear

This Container Fits The Look Of What Most Trash Haulers Use To Pick Up Your Garbage But Offer Our Quick One Finger Latching Mechanism To Open And Close The Container, Yet Your Container Fits Perfectly Into Your Neighborhood Surroundings.

This BEARicuda Bin™ is designed for residential homes, farms, acreage's, tree planting camps, back country camps, cottages and campgrounds to secure garbage, livestock and pet food from Grizzly and Black Bears, raccoons, dogs, skunks and other wildlife.

These wild and domestic animal resistant bins were originally designed to to meet the growing need to secure attractants from animals such as bears in order to help reduce conflict between animals and people. They can also help to reduce property damage and that associated human safety issues surrounding animals coming into close proximity with people.

BEARicuda Bins™ are a cost effective method for communities looking to bear proof their waste management programs and are easily rolled to different locations or curb side for pickup. Once unlatched they are compatible with automated pickup systems. These Bear Container Resistant Bins are also perfect for homeowners without the storage capability for safely securing feed and garbage. The bins are made of high density polyethylene plastic (HDP). Metal on Bearicuda Bins is powder coated for protection against the elements.

BEARicuda Bins™ provide what other bins don't. Not all bear container proof bins on the market have been tested and/or have passed. BEARicuda Bins™ have been certified through formal testing at the Yellowstone Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Centre. This testing is carried out by the Living With Wildlife Foundation in Montana and is fully endorsed by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee.

It is important that consumers be aware of the capabilities of bear container resistant products they are purchasing including testing results (if any) and product longevity.

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