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Basic: the original bearproof can

Bearicuda Basic Bear Resistant Garbage Cans Are Airtight With a Screwtop Lid That Deters Bears And Other Animals From Getting Into Your Trash.


1. Screw Top, Air Tight, Lid Design.

Our bear-resistant and animal resistant container's screw top lid design provides a secure, gasket air tight seal, that keeps smells and odors contained. The screw top closure helps prevent bears and other critters from getting into your trash.

2. Optional Sturdy Metal Handles

Metal handles provide easy moving, lifting, and handling when emptying this bear-resistant critter Can. For cleanliness and safety, handles allow the lid to be removed and the animal-resistant container to be emptied without touching the trash area or its bottom edge. Note, handles are not needed and are usually used for the convenience of twisting and untwisting the lid but this may also make it easier for the bear to open the lid in certain situations.

3. Heavy Duty, Blown-molded HDPE.

This is no ordinary 30-gallon bin, so do not be fooled. This economical bear-resistant garbage can is specially made to BEARicuda Bin Standards, which means reinforced top, bottom, and sidewalls. It may look like a common container but this Bear Resistant Trash Can will outperform all others. Although this can is tested and approved with the LWWF it is not chew-resistant. These cans are not chew-proof or resistant to chewing. See our Stealth and Classic Cans for chew-resistant cans and Titan for Chew Proof. Note, must always check with your refuse and recycling company to determine any restrictions they may have for pick up.

4. Impact Resistant, UV Protected.

This high density polyethylene construction is designed for optimum balance and weight distribution. Its durability and resilience provides impact resistance. This Bear and animal Resistant Trash Container features a UV-protected coating that will not easily discolor or fade with sunlight exposure.

bear in pool

Basic Bearproof Can

Tested & Proven

Proven & Tested
Bear Proof Containers

BEARicuda Bins have been officially tested at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone, Montana and have met the rigorous testing standards done through the Living with Wildlife Foundation (LWWF). Cans are not chew proof, animals that have a propensity to chew can damage plastic.

Basic BEARicuda Bin Bear Resistant Garbage Container And Critter Can  
30 Gallon Basic BEARicuda Bin With Screw Top Lid
Outer Dimensions: (21 1/8" Top) X (16 5/8" Bottom) X (28 1/2" H)
Color: Brown
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20 Gallon Basic BEARicuda Bin With Screw Top Lid
Outer Dimensions: (20 3/8" Top) X (16 3/4" Bottom) X (20 1/2)" Height)
Hardware Not Necessary, Optional - See Below
Color is Beige, not IGBC certified
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Bearicuda Basic Lid Only for PAK130
Lid Comes with PAK130 Already
No need to purchase if buying PAK130, Order only if you need a new lid
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Bear-Resistant BEARicuda-Bin Hardware Only
3 Handles • 12 3/4" L Machine Screws • 12 Lock Nuts • 12 Washers
Fits PAK130 and PAK120 - optional hardware.
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Trash can liner bags

Bearicuda heavy duty liner bags help keep trash cans clean and won't rip or tear like cheaper bags.

  • 1.4 Mil thick, black bags
  • 33"W x 39"H
  • 50/case - 2 cases per box - 100 bags total 
  • Low Density, Extra Heavy
  • Flat Packed
Liner Bag For 30/32 Gallon Cans  
Liner Bag For 30/32 Gallon Cans
1.4 Mil, 33"W x 39"H, Black, 100 / case - 1 case per box - Total # of bags 100
23" (width) x 10" (depth) x 39" (height), gusset Low Density, Extra Heavy, Flat Packed
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Rubber Band for 30-33 Gallon Trash Can Liners
1 each
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Basic Can Success Story
New Jersey Success Story: Critter Can Bear Proof Container Program

In the West Milford area of New Jersey, The BEAR Group has assembled and distributed thousands of our Basic Model BEARicuda Bin Bear Proof Containers to help combat the growing problem of bear encounters in residential communities. The Basic BEARicuda Bin Critter Can Model was a key part of the programs success to prevent unwanted bear encounters.

By not allowing the bears to get into the trash and garbage cans for food, they are less apt to stay in neighborhoods and communities looking for food. The wild bears are deterred from becoming human-habituated and garbage can conditioned. BEARicuda Inc, has teamed up with the Bear Education And Resource Group to create this affordable Bin also known as The Critter Can.

This Can should be kept outside (preferred) all the time. Once your neighborhood bears learn they cannot get into this Bear Proof Container, they will move on, keeping their consumption of unnatural foods at a lower level. When bears consume only natural food, their reproductive rate goes down.

Our Container is nestable to help save on shipping when ordering multiple cans. Many neighborhoods or communities are getting together to order multiple BEARicuda Bin Critter Cans to save on pricing and more affordable shipping costs.

Other features and benefits of Our Basic BEARicuda Bin Bear Proof Container:

  • Our Basic Model Bear Proof Container is endorsed by the unbiased and reputable Bear Education And Resource Group and Save New Jersey Bears.org a non for profit organization.
  • Our Bearicuda Basic comes equipped with a gasket that seals in odors unlike other animal resistant cans that allow odors to escape, drawing animals back to your garbage.
  • Our Basic Model, known as the Critter Can keeps out all types of animals to large Black and Grizzly Bears.
  • Basic BEARicuda Bin are affordable unlike many other awkward and bulky containers.
  • These cans come standard with handles to make twisting off and on the lid easy as well as carrying the container to its destination.

  • Though BEARicuda Bin trash cans have been rigorously tested, we cannot make with a 100% guarantee that a bear or any other animal will never penetrate any of our cans, bins, sheds or enclosures. All animals are unpredictable and many (such as bears, squirrels, rats, mice and raccoons can be tenacious and have very sharp teeth). All our cans and enclosures have been an effective deterrent against many types of animals in which most do not penetrate our product although the product maybe damaged in certain instances because this is the byproduct of having an animal penetrating your trash. Because this kind of damage can occur Bearicuda Bins, Inc will NOT refund or replace the can. Example, squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons because of the sharp teeth and after prolonged periods of time could potentially gnaw into the can where other larger animals cannot access. This is not common, but must be noted because no poly can on the market today is completely impenetrable. In most cases you will find your can an effective deterrent for bears and many other types of varmints. Note, must always check with your refuse and recycling company to determine any restrictions they may have for pick up.

Bear proof tested and approved

Bearicuda Bin
If it's Not a BEARicuda Bin?
It's NOT The One You Want!
 Before bearproof can After bearproof Can

BEARicuda Bin are simply the best Bear Proof Containers for the money. We give you several different options to meet your application and budget. These affordable bear resistant trash cans not only keep all types of animals out but come in our attractive Deep Chocolate Brown which blends nicely to any surroundings.

BEARicuda Bin? keep grizzly bears, raccoons and other critters from rummaging through your trash and making a mess all over your lawn and roadside. These Bear Proof Containers can withstand the harsh pounding and persistence of large Bears up to a Grizzly. These bins were made to be Bear Container Proof Garbage Cans. There are many containers that claim to be Bear Proof Containers but they come with an expensive price tag and don't have the proven success that the BEARicuda Bin Bins has displayed. The BEARicuda Bin trash cans have been adopted by the well respected Bear Education And Resource Group with their sign of approval and testing.

Through the success of Bear Group's program and volunteers, our Basic BEARicuda Bin Containers have been discovered, tested and is being offered to homeowners, municipalities and other associations to help prevent bears and other animals from coming into our neighborhoods and recreation areas for left over food and trash. In addtion, BEARicuda Bins have been officially tested and meet the rigorous standards through the Living with Wildlife Foundation (LWWF), Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks, and Inter agency Grizzly Bear Committee Testing Program For Bear-Resistant Products. This Bear Proof Garbage Container container was tested on January 27, 2007 by two grizzly bears (ranging in size from 325 to 550 pounds) at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone, Montana. The testing process is very rigorous and includes biting, clawing, rolling and crushing by the bears for a period of up to 60 minutes

Since the implementation and success of the original 30 gallon BEARicuda Bin Bin Basic Bear Proof Container and Critter Can, we have received many inquires from other communities with similar concerns for animals getting into their trash cans. BEARicuda, Inc has incorporated a comprehensive line of bear and animal proof containers. We offer near resistant not always Bearproof trash cans and recycle bins in a variety of sizes that will fit any budget.

Stealth: the best bearproof can

Stealth: the best bearproof can

Dog Proof Trash Cans

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