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Classic Bearproof Can: the best bearproof can

Our Classic 32 Gallon BEARICUDA Bin Bear Resistant Garbage Can Keeps out Bears, Raccoons and Other Animals.

Advantages Of The Classic BEARICUDA Bin Bear Resistant Garbage Can.

There's no other Bear Resistant curbside collection cart that's built to last quite like a Bearicuda. Our bear resistant garbage cans are manufactured with a patented stress-free Advanced Rotational Molding process that provides superior product durability. Bearicuda garbage cans are extremely flexible and impact-resistant, and easily handle the day-to-day abuse of curbside waste collection. With patented Rugged Rim technology, additional materials in critical-wear areas such as the rim and saddle, and a reinforced bottom wear strip, Bearicuda carts are extremely tough in the areas that take the most abuse. Please note that metal is subject to rusting like all metal that is kept outdoors, your can will be fine and may require small amounts of touch up paint from time to time for aesthetic purposes not for functionality. Never chain can to a pole or tree, must leave at least 75' chain, you want the bear to fumble the can around and not create a leverage point.

In comparison, our competitors manufacture carts with an injection-molded process that results in high residual stress and brittle plastics that crack and break prematurely. Bearicuda garbage cans are virtually maintenance free, and with a 0.2% warranty claim rate − the industrys lowest.


1. Reinforced Steel Rim Design.

This bear-resistant garbage can has a unique lid design keeping all types of animals and Bears from entering the contents of your garbage can. Around the entire top rim of the body a continuous piece of steel surrounds the entire can, allowing the rim to safely and securely lodge itself for a tight fit and a secure close.

2. Ergonomic Handles

Ergonomically designed handles provide easy handling in tight spaces or when the Bear resistant Garbage Can is against a wall. Even when full, this bear resistant cart can be moved effortlessly.

3. Rotationally Molded Body

Rugged Clasp System provide added strength where it's needed most. Clasps are sturdy and conform to a tight close The manufacturing process of the body of the can is more flexible and impact resistant than cheaply manufactured injection molded carts.

4. Automated Arm Lift System For Neighborhood Haulers.

Universal design is compatible with automated and semi-automated lifters.

Classic Can

More great benefits of owning a Bearicuda Classic bear resistant garbage can

  • Textured surface resists scratches and hides unsightly dirt.
  • Patented Rugged Rim technology adds rigidity, and reinforced material in critical wear areas extends life of cart.
  • Molded-in axle journal provides six times more support than drilled holes.
  • Large footprint and aerodynamic design create industry leading wind and "set-down" stability − cart does not fall over when lid is flipped back.
  • Low, narrow profile is easy to maneuver and fits through most gates and doors.
  • Factory-installed 360 rotating steel stop bar is attached in molded-in, sealed journals.
  • 5/8" axle provides over 2,000 lbs. of bending strength.
  • Bottom wear strip provides outstanding abrasion protection.
  • Bearicuda carts meet ANSI standard Z245.30 for <

  • Please note that our PAK132 is Not Bear Proof, these are bear resistant and a bear could still cause damage or even breach the can in some cases. Please read below for more details. Please note that Though BEARicuda Bin Stealth Trash Cans have been rigorously tested and approved by the LWWF and IGBC, our Classic model is not certified by the IGBC or LWWF. With either model can, we cannot make a 100% guarantee that a bear or any other animal will never penetrate any of our cans. All animals are unpredictable and many (such as bears and more-so squirrels, rats, mice, and raccoons can be tenacious and have very sharp teeth which could possibly chew holes through plastic). All our cans and enclosures have been an effective deterrent against many types of animals of which most do not penetrate our product although the product may be damaged in certain instances because this is the byproduct of having an animal trying to penetrate your trash. Because this kind of damage can occur Bearicuda Bins, Inc will not refund or replace the can. For example, squirrels, rats, mice, and raccoons because of their sharp teeth and after prolonged periods of time could potentially gnaw into the can that other larger animals would not access. This is not common, but must be noted. Also, none of our cans are waterproof, rainwater can still enter the can thru the lid potentially. Cans are not meant to be waterproof.

basic can

Classic difference



Problem Handles
Chain latches hard to close, & freeze up in winter. Opening around latch allows water in..

Recessed Handle

Easy and Rugged Clips -
Easy for home owners
and garbage handlers to open

non bearproof can

Questionable Strength
Weak lid and cheap aluminum tab, has no bolt or reinforcement to hold it on.

Steel Under carriage

Reinforced Steel
PAK132 features reinforced steel around entire can for added strength and durability vs aluminum

Difficult to close
Cheap aluminum tab with hard to close latching systems are difficult to close, easily bent.

Inside latch

Sturdy Metal Tabs
Strong metal tabs to help prevent bending.

Cheap Aluminum Banding
Cheap aluminum banding and screws
with no bolts.

Steel Under carriage

Heavy Duty Support
Body of our Classic Can is rotationally molded plastic for added strength and durability

Weak Lid
Just a regular cheap pvc lid with NO
reinforcement or added support

Steel Tubing Lid

Protected Lid
Lid recesses inside our surround metal rim
for a tight fit

No Back Plate

No Back Plate
Competitor can has not back plate
or added support of any kind.

Back angle iron

Added Rigidity
Features an extra thick body
with rugged handles

Hear what customers are saying about Bearicuda garbage cans

Guy Smiling

"I recently purchased a BEARicuda bin. The bin was delivered in 48 hours from the time of order placement and put to the test. My garage had been broken into twice by a 350 pound male black bear; I placed the BEARicuda bin outside. This morning the bin was gone. Fortunately, it was soon retrieved from the wooded area nearby, unopened and intact with no visible damage. Quality, features, and service were outstanding and I have recommended the product to friends and neighbors who have suffered similar intrusions."

B. Eisenberg NH - July 2007

Features Of this CLASSIC BEARicuda Bin Bear Resistant Garbage Can Include:
  • Injected molded high density polyethylene plastic container for durability and toughness
  • Solid wheels with sturdy steel axle
  • Multi-system design for use with automated arm lift systems and semi-automated American bar-locking lifter.
  • 250lb Maximum load capacity
  • Incredible stability - remains stable and will withstand up to 50mph winds in any direction without tipping.
  • UV stabilizer prevents deterioration from exposure to sunlight
  • Easy to assemble - minimal parts save time, wheels snap on without tools
  • Safety Lid Meets all ANSI standards
  • Easy to open and easy to maneuver even when full

This 32 gallon bear resistant garbage can adheres to the highest quality control standards making it a superior quality refuge collection system on the market today. The body and lid of the container are formed from the same molding process using high density polyethylene.

The Interior and exterior surfaces are smooth, uniform in appearance,and free of foreign substances, shrink holes, cracks, blow holes, webs, and other superficial or structural defects that could adversely affect the appearance and performance of the container.

This Bear resistant Garbage Container has a built-in molded locking frontal lip designed to receive lifting mechanisms and is reinforced with in-molded honeycomb support webs. The bear proof can's lower body has an in-molded tilting step and in-molded yokes to accommodate the axle. The slight conical shape of body allows it to be hoisted in transport. In-molded spacers are provided for easy disassembly at destination.

The body has an in-molded latch bar to prevent leaks and this bear resistant garbage can has a 20 year life expectancy.

This Bear Resistant Garbage Can Is the Exact Same Automated Trash Can Most Trash Haulers Use To Pick Up Your Garbage But Offers The Secure Closure Needed To Keep Out Bears And Other Trash Picking Animals.

Our Classic BEARicuda Bin is designed for residential homes, farms, acreage's, tree planting camps, back country camps, cottages and campgrounds to secure garbage, livestock and pet food from grizzly, black bears, raccoons, dogs, skunks and other wildlife.

This Classic bear resistant garbage can was originally designed to meet the growing need to secure attractants from animals such as bears in order to help reduce conflict between animals and people. They can also help reduce property damage and human safety issues surrounding animals coming into close proximity with people.

BEARicuda Bins and this Classic model are a cost effective method for communities looking to bear proof their waste management programs and are easily rolled to different locations or curb side for pickup. Once unlatched they are compatible with automated pickup systems. These Bear Resistant Garbage Cans are also perfect for homeowners without the storage capability for safely securing feed and garbage.

BEARicuda Bin bear-proof containers provide what other bins don't. Not all bearproof containers on the market have been tested. Our BEARicuda Bins The Stealth Models have been officially tested and meet the rigorous standards through the Living with Wildlife Foundation (LWWF) and (IGBC). The Classic Model has not been tested and is not certified but has been proven to be an effective deterrent against bears. The Stealth model bear proof garbage containers were tested by two grizzly bears (ranging in size from 325 to 550 pounds) at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center in West Yellowstone, Montana. The testing process is very rigorous and includes biting, clawing, rolling and crushing by the bears for a period of up to 60 minutes.



It is important that consumers be aware of the capabilities of bear container resistant products they are purchasing including testing results (if any) and product longevity.

Note: Some trash or refuge providers may have size restrictions regarding the size of the containers they will take. Please check with your local trash collecting provider before purchasing to ensure you have the right size for your area.

Bear proof tested and approved


Stealth: the best bearproof can

Stealth: the best bearproof can

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