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Bearproof trash can

New Fully Automatic 96 Gallon Bear Proof Garbage Can

This 96 gallon automated Bear Proof curbside refuse and garbage can is a cost-effective solution for neighborhood community residents looking to bear-proof their waste-management programs. In conjunction with the Living with Wildlife Foundation our Full-Automatic 96 gallon bear proof can was proven and tested with grizzly bears.

These bear proof refuse carts have locking lids that are disengaged by pressing on two paddles in the front of the receptacle. Those of you with opposable thumbs will have no problem then flipping the two small latches that keep the lid unlocked long enough to toss your trash inside. Once the garbage is inside, the lid locks again as soon as its lowered.

The trick to keeping grizzly and black bears from breaking in is a gravity-activated mechanism that keeps the lid locked if the trash can is tipped on its side. You or a bear can press on the paddles and latches from now till Sunday and the lid will remain locked as long as its on its side.

  • Rotational molded from LLDPE polyethylene with post recycled content.
  • Double wall molded construction for strength on lid and upper section of this Bear Proof container.
  • Bear Proof Container is compatible with fully and semi automated refuse collection equipment.
  • Container is always locked at curb site until lifted by collection truck, unlocks automatically while being dumped.
  • Bear Proof Container remains locked when knocked over preventing animal and wind intrusions.
  • Lid and container interlock to prevent Grizzly bear attacks resulting in container being breached.
  • Meets ANSI standards for 95 gallon containers.
  • IGBC (Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee) certified, cert # 3356.

Bearproof Trash Can

Proudly made in the USA.

96 Gallon Bearproof Can

From the container front as shown, locate latch openings below finger tabs.

Inside opening find the manual open lever (shown in red for clarity).

Push the lever towards the container until it stops and release to unlock latch.

After both latches are unlocked the lid may be opened.

Opening and reclosing the lid will relock the latches automatically.

Kodiak Bearproof Trash Can Features
stealth-top stealth-top

Double Wall Rotationally Molded One Piece Thick Lid!

Strength Lid

Innovative and secure hinged lid design.

One piece of solid HDPE with unique locking mechanism keeps bears out of can.

Interlocking Lid and Container Keeps Grizzly Bears Out.


Lid and container interlock to prevent Grizzly bear attacks resulting in container being breached

Opening and reclosing the lid will relock
the latches automatically.

Smart and Clean Design
With No Moving Parts.

Large Capacity

The Simplest Of All Operations,
Easy To Open and Close

Large Capacity

64 or 96 Gallon Capacity,

12" rubber wheels for easy manuevering

Easy One Push Operations.

Heavy duty corners resist chewing.

Double wall molded construction for strength
on lid and upper section

Fully Automated!
No Need To Unlock Can.

Automated Garbage Can

This is the only fully automated bearproof garbage can on the market today.
There is no need for waste haulers or the homeowner to unlock the can before pick up.

stealth stealth

Fully Automatic 96 Gallon Bear Proof Garbage Can  
96 Gallon Fully Automatic Bear Proof Can / Refuse Cart
Height: 46.5 inches, Width: 29.0 inches, Depth: 37.2 inches Maximum load: 300 pounds or 136 kilograms Empty weight: 52 pounds assembled Scheduled to Ship End December
For over 20 Qty, please call
Seen this product for less?

Stealth: the best bearproof can

Stealth: the best bearproof can

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