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32 Gallon Rodent And Leak Resistant Wheeled Trash Can

Our 32 gallon Varmint Vault can features a rodent rim, specifically designed to keep out some of the most persistent varmints that cities face. It's unique locking mechanism that prevents critters from opening the carts, consuming the waste, and leaving a mess for the city and residents to clean. Each lock is also designed to prevent debris from becoming trapped during dumping, ensuring no material gets left behind in your cart.

  • Compatible with both semi and fully automated
    collection systems for optimized collection efficiencies.

  • Easy to use and rodent proof, it eliminates the mess of spills. Increases resident participation and lowers
    disposal costs.

VV322 features

VV233 rodentproof cart
32 Gallon BEARICUDA Varmint Vault Bin? - Animal Resistant Garbage Can 
32 Gallon BEARICUDA Varmint Vault Bin?
Color - Green Body/Black Lid - Dim: 37 1/2" Height X 19 3/4" Width X 24 1/4" Depth - Weight 22 lbs – Comes with Built-in Wheels, no assembly required - Equipped w/Turn Handle Latching System - Holds 10.4 Cubic Feet - Load Rating: 112 lbs/101.6 kg 8" Wheel Diameter, Conforms To ANSI Standards for Type "B" and "G" Lifters.
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STEALTH cans keep rodents, mice and even bears out of your trash.

Our BEARICUDA Stealth Model is well known as the only Trash Bin on the market today that offers "Concealed Bear Proof Protection" and our 3 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY. It's an effective waste management solution that helps keep rats, mice and other rodents out of your trash.
Our innovative and exclusive design conceals most of the hardware while the powder coated metal banding blends with the body of the can.

While our Stealth can was designed to keep bears out, it is equally effective in urban environments, preventing rats, mice and other rodents from getting into your garbage.

Its double-walled, rotationally-molded design makes our garbage can twice as strong as the competition.

Our Stealth Model is the ideal animal-resistant garbage can that is truly Stealthy in design. It's simple, easy to use and provides all the protection you will need to keep unwanted animals and rodents out of your trash, even those pesky raccoons and squirrels! Our exclusive "Push N Pull"? system that allows you to open the trash can quickly.

  • Automated Latching Mechanism: Latch locks automatically when lid is released in a downward motion.
  • Open/Close Trigger Switch: Toggle flip switch to open to allow lid to remain ajar for trash pick up or switch back to close position for auto lid-locking feature.
  • Environmentally Green Friendly: contains up to 50% recycled materials.
  • Save On Shipping: Our 96 and 64 gallon cans can be nested even when fully assembled.
  • Attractive & Durable: Sleak, sturdy design; no injected molded, shiny, thin and weak plastic.
  • Superior Strength: Advanced Rotational Molding?, double wall thickness for superior durability.
  • Reinforced Steel: Heavy Duty, Powder Coated Steel with a Reinforced Rim Design.
  • Ergonomically Wheeled Design: for easy tilt and roll operation.
  • Bear Resistant: Unique latching mechanism keeps animals including bears out of your trash.
  • Chew resistant but not chew proof: Thick lid design with wrap around steel offers chew resistance but not chew proof. We recommend our Titan Can if you need something Chew Proof.


How to leave your trash can unlocked on trash pickup day

Our Stealth Can makes it easy for trash haulers to pick up your trash while providing the best protection available to keep bears out of your trash.

Stealth2 side photo

Best Bear proof canwarranty


Our original Stealth Can has been improved and replaced with our new Stealth2 can

STEALTH 2 - Fully Automatic 95 Gallon Bear Resistant Garbage Can  
Stealth 2 - 95 Gallon Fully Automatic Bear Resistant Can / Refuse Cart
Height: 44.7 inches, Width: 30.1 inches, Depth: 35.8 inches Maximum load: 300 pounds or 136 kilograms Empty weight: 56 pounds, Can ship up to 6/Pallet  Show options
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Stealth 2 - 65 Gallon Fully Automatic Bear Resistant Can / Refuse Cart
Height: 41.2 inches, Width: 25.1 inches, Depth: 30.8 inches
Empty weight: 45 pounds, Wheel assembly Required
Can ship up to 7/Pallet  Show options
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