Bear Proof Cubic Dumpsters And Cubic Yard Containers
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Bear Proof Dumspters

Bear Proof Dumpsters and Cubic Yard Containers

BEARicuda Bins offers several large bear proof cubic yard containers and dumpsters. These heavy duty 14 gauge steel bear proof cubic yard containers are the ultimate bear proof dumpsters. These bear proof dumpsters can hold up to 6 cubic yards of trash and other debris, allowing large amounts of garbage to be stored for longer periods of time. Offered in 12 gauge single or double doors for convenient opening.

Bear proof dumpsters are also offered in front and rear loading capacities. These bear proof cubic yard containers and dumpsters have been tested by some of the most respected authorities for keeping bears out of your trash while letting bears know that these bear proof dumpsters are not penetrable when it comes to bears looking for food.

MADE RIGHT HERE IN THE USA, By our People in our Country!

made in usa
Bear and Animal Proof Metal Garbage Can Storage Enclosure
"TELLURIDE" ADA Trash Enclosure "RAZORBACK" Modular Design Metal Trash Enclosure
ADA trash container
  • 32 & 64 gallon models
  • Bear proof enclosures
  • ADA Compliant
  • Two Point paddle latch
  • Integrated Pad Lock System
  • Pneumatic Lid For Easy Open/Close
  • Parks, municipalities, residences
  • Modular Design & IGBC Certified
  • Bear & animal resistant
  • Trash & Recyclables
  • Fits 8 to 35+ bags of trash
"HIGHLANDER" Bear & Animal Proof Metal Enclosure "SILVERBACK" Metal Trash Enclosure
  • 12 gauge welded steel
  • LWWF & IGBC Certified
  • Key lock closure system
  • Sizes Range from 32-95 Gallon
  • Powder coat finish
silverback metal enclosure
  • Bear Proof
  • Trash & Recyclables
  • 1,2 & 3 door bins
  • Powder coat, 14 gauge steel
"GATEKEEPER" Bear Resistant Metal Enclosure "ACADIA" ADA Compliant Animal Proof Trash Bin
Metal Enclosure
  • 14 gauge welded steel
  • Bear resistant enclosure
  • Dormer roof diverts water & snow
  • 4 pt perimeter pedestal stand
  • ADA compliant
metal container
  • Parks, municipalities, residences
  • Bear & animal resistant
  • Trash & Recyclables
  • 32 & 64 Gallon Bins
  • Powder coat baked finish
"JACKSON PEAK" Decorative Metal Bin "TITAN" Metal Wheeled Container
metal container
  • Single and 5 unit combination
  • Custom decorative metalwork
  • Bear & animal resistant
  • Trash & Recyclables
  • fits up to 32 gal bin inside
Titan Wheeled Garbage Can
  • 14 gauge all welded steel
  • For Bears, Raccoon, Squirrels and any animals that Chew!
  • Two oversized rubber wheels
  • Powder Coated Baked On Finish
  • Easy Maneuverability, Safe & Secure Trash Storage
"WHISTLER" Bear Proof Food Storage Locker "VARMINT VAULT" Rat Proof Trash Enclosure
  • Safe outdoor food storage
  • Durable metal lockers
  • Protects your food from bears
  • 15, 24 & 30 Cu. Ft. lockers
  • Corrosion resistant finish
rat proof metal bin
  • Ideal for urban areas
  • Rat & critter resistant
  • Trash & Recyclables
  • 1,2 & 3 door bins
  • Powder coat, 14 gauge steel
"DOCKSTORR" Animal Resistant Metal Storage
  • Galvanized steel construction for strength and rust resistance
  • Gas shocks for safe and easy lid control.
  • Lockable lids and doors
Bear Proof Metal Trash Dumpsters
"CRESTED BUTTE" Premium Front Load Bear Proof Dumpster W/ Gravity Latch "GUARDIAN" Economical Front Load Cubic Yard Bear Proof Dumpsters
Bear Proof Dumpster
  • 4, 6 & 8 cubic yard dumpster
  • LWWF & IGBC Certified
  • Heavy duty 10 gauge steel body/lid
  • Paddle latching systems
  • Convenient auto gravity Latch
  • Double access doors
Bear Proof Dumpster
  • Offered in 2,3,4,6,8 Cubic Yd
  • LWWF & IGBC Certified
  • 10 gauge rail stiffeners & pads
  • Heavy duty pockets/guide plates
  • Optional paddle latch & sliding doors
  • Engineered w/ 10,12 & 14 gauge steel
"GUARDIAN" Rear Load Bear Proof Dumpster
Bear Proof Dumpster
  • Offered in 1.5,2,3,4 Cubic Yd
  • Paddle Latch, Casters & Dump Bar
  • Made of 10 & 14 gauge steel
  • Dump Hooks for dumping
  • Recessed top loading doors
Industrial & Commercial Plastic Trash Dumpsters
"ADMIRAL" Front & Rear Load Poly Dumpsters "COMMANDER" Poly Cubic Yard Dumpsters
  • Front & rear loading dumpsters
  • Largest Selection, 1-8 cubic yards
  • All Plastic Unibody, No Metal Pockets or Metal Framing
  • Plastic double wall lids
  • UV protected, resists fading, rust proof
  • Built-in winch hook on all rear load units
Poly Dumpster
  • Front & Rear loading containers
  • Sizes 1.5 thru 4 cubic yard dumpsters
  • Made of HDPE w/ Reinforced metal framing
  • Many different color options
  • Low Maintenance
  • Trainable option
"GENERAL" Cubic Yard Poly Dumpsters "ARMADA" Plastic Dumpsters & Containers
  • 2 to 8 cu. yd. sizes
  • Up to 30% lighter than metal
  • 8 CY Sliding Side Door
  • 50 decibels quieter than metal
  • Low maintenance, dent resistant
  • Trainable option
Bear Proof Dumpster
  • Offered in 2 to 8 Cubic Yd
  • Casters & Lock Bar
  • HDPE poly contstruction
  • UV protected, resists fading, rust proof
  • Front load containers
Bear Proof Food Canisters and Food Storage Lockers
Transparent Food Canister "WHISTLER" Bear Proof Food Storage Locker
Food Storage Container
  • Ideal for backpacking
  • Lightweight for easy carrying
  • Holds 4 to 7 day food supply
  • Extra wide rain proof opening
  • SIBBG and IGBC Approved
Food Storage locker
  • Safe outdoor food storage
  • Durable metal lockers
  • Protects your food from bears
  • 15, 24 & 30 Cu. Ft. lockers
  • Corrosion resistant finish
Backpackers Cache Food Storage Container Bear Assault Food Storage Container
Backpackers Cache
  • Fits into backpack for easy transport
  • Bear tested and proven effective
  • Available with nylon carrying case
  • Liner bags reduce food odors
  • Perfect accessory for campers, hikers
Bear Assault Bear Keg
  • Extremely durable food storage keg
  • High visibility yellow
  • protects your food from bears
  • 3 gallon capacity 6-8 day supply
  • Optional carry pack
Large Bearproof Food Storage Container "Whistler" Food Storage Cabinet
Bear food Storage Container
  • Extra large 20 gallon storage capacity
  • Largest food storage on the market
  • Lightweight
  • Rainproof
  • Gasket seal to prevent odors and smells
Food Storage Locker
  • Many different sizes
  • Store food, toiletries
  • Protects your food from bears
  • 11-30 cubic feet of food storage capacity
  • 12 guage steel
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