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Camping Safety Tips:

Bear Fences Provide Outdoor Protection and Safety While Camping

There are many places where people live that they may encounter a bear. Most people never expect to see a bear while hiking or camping but the lure of food and the excitement of a meal will draw them near. Why let that encounter take you by surprise and not be prepared?  A bear at your campsite can cost you plenty of pain, money and lost time, not to mention your life.

An electric bear fence around your camp site would put you in a position of protection, safety and confidence. About 1 in 10 people encounter bear sightings while on camping trips in areas where bears are known to reside. Some are brief sighting of a bear close to camp and for the rest of the night you are continuously awakened by what you thought was a bear only never to truly understand if a bear was at your camp site making that good night sleep not so good. Or maybe you came back to your camp site and found all your property destroyed because a bear was looking for food or something very simple in nature. Stories like those mentioned above happen all the time. Why not control the next encounter with a bear with an electric bear fence?

I have never met a person that did not have some kind of concern while being outdoors on a long camping or hiking trip.  Bears exist in many areas of the country, from the west coast to the east coast.  But bears should prevent no one from being out in the wilderness.  What concerns some most, however, is camping. No one wants to be sound asleep in a tent when a curious bear pokes around camp.  Nor is there any reason for bears to be able to approach your camp at night.  Bear electric fencing, now lighter and more economical than ever, can dissuade curious bears from approaching your camp, thus allowing you to sleep safely and soundly.  

If more bear fences are used, over time this will teach bears to avoid camps and equipment all together. Bear trainers say that you don?t have to teach bears twice. This is a pro-active stance in preventing camps and equipment destruction by training bears to avoid them. A portable electric bear fence system (bear fence) can protect more than just your camp.

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