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  STEALTH 96 and 64 Gallon Specifications and Warranty:

  • Our Stealth bear proof garbage cans are “Environmentally Green Friendly” and contain up to 50% recycled materials making them not only great for the environment but the toughest can on the market today. Our environmentally friendly plastic is double the thickness of any competitors
  • Our 96 and 64 gallon cans are able to be nested even when they are fully assembled, unlike our competitors where you need install some of the hardware such as the axle and wheel assembly.
  • We have designed our cans to not only stand up to Bears but raccoons, squirrels, Opossums, dogs and other varmints.
  • Stealth bear proof garbage cans are the most attractive garbage cans unlike almost all other garbage cans that are injected molded shiny, thin and weak plastic.
  bear tipping can
  • We are the only manufacture that provides our customers with a product that is Double Wall Rotationally molded Lid design, the absolute strongest lid and body design on the market today. The World’s Toughest Bear Proof Garbage Cans. Stress is the enemy of all Plastic Products and our Advanced Rotational Molding™ offers a STRESS FREE manufacturing process relieving any pressure that is used to mold the cart unlike Injection molding = HIGH pressure, HIGH STRESS - typically indoor, low impact applications.
  • Heavy Duty, Powder Coated Steel with a Reinforced Rim Design.
  • The most ergonomically designed can on the market today allowing for easy tilt and roll operation.
  • Bear Proof Latching Mechanism keeps all animals out of your trash.

  • Though BEARicuda Bin™ trash cans have been rigorously tested and approved by the LWWF and IGBC, we cannot make with a 100% guarantee that a bear or any other animal will never penetrate any of our cans, bins, sheds or enclosures. All animals are unpredicatable and many (such as bears and more so squirrels, rats, mice and raccoons can be tenacious and have very sharp teeth which could possibly chew holes through plastic). All our cans and enclosures have been an effective deterrent against many types of animals of which most do not penetrate our product although the product maybe damaged in certain instances because this is the byproduct of having an animal trying to penetrate your trash. Because this kind of damage can occur Bearicuda Bins, Inc will NOT refund or replace the can. Example, squirrels, rats, mice, raccoons because of the sharp teeth and after prolonged periods of time could potentially gnaw into the can where other larger animals would not access. This is not common, but must be noted because no poly can on the market today is completely impenetrable. In most cases you will find this can an effective deterrent for bears and many other types of varmints. Also we do not advise chaining your trash can to any secure mechanism b/c this can cause more damage to the can and will most likely cause the body to crack, as this will void any warranty.

STEALTH Cans Offer A Clean, Appealing Design, Unmatched Strength, Ease of Use, With No Bulky And Clumsy Metal Around The Can.

Our BEARICUDA Stealth Model is the only Bear Proof Trash Bin on the market today that offers "Concealed Bear Proof Protection" and our 3 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY. Our innovative and exclusive design conceals most of the hardware while the powder coated metal banding blends with the body of the can.

This bear resistant garbage can is less likely to sustain damage caused by prolonged pouncing by bears with little metal components exposed or by garbage trucks causing excessive wear and tear by emptying the bins regularly. Concerns do arise with larger bears thrusting their weight on the sides of the can resulting in steel being bent over time but this risk is greatly reduced with our Stealth Model.

Our Stealth goes through a double walled rotationally molded manufacturing process unlike any other cans on the market today that are injection molded, making our bear proof garbage can twice the strength as the competition. Stress is the enemy of all Plastic Products and our Advanced Rotational Molding™ offers a Stress Free manufacturing process relieving any pressure that is used to mold the cart unlike Injection molding = High pressure, High Stress. In addition, the Stealth Can appears like your common trash bin making it less likely to be stolen with its clean lines and no awkward and bulky metal components that surround the exterior of the can.

Our Stealth Model is a Bear Proof Garbage Can that is truly Stealthy in Design with simple ease of use and all the bear proof protection you will need to keep unwanted Grizzly and Black Bear out of your trash, even those pesky raccoons and squirrels! The Stealth Model has our exclusive "Push N Pull"™ system that allows you to open the trash can quickly unlike other models that require awkward and time consuming thumb latches or hidden triggers and holes on the apron of the can. Many of our competitors use either hidden triggers or thumb latches making it not only difficult for the homeowner to open and reclose but your trash hauler as well.

  • Automated Latching Mechanism: Latch locks automatically when lid is released in a downward motion.
  • Open/Close Trigger Switch: Flip switch to the open position allowing lid to remain ajar for day of trash pick up if need be, switch back to close position for auto lid locking feature.
  • Environmentally Green Friendly: contains up to 50% recycled materials.
  • Save On Shipping: Our 96 and 64 gallon cans can be nested even when fully assembled.
  • Attractive & Durable: Sleak, sturdy design; no injected molded, shiny, thin and weak plastic.
  • Superior Strength: Advanced Rotational Molding™, double wall thickness for superior durability, unlike injection molding typically used for indoor, low impact applications.
  • Reinforced Steel: Heavy Duty, Powder Coated Steel with a Reinforced Rim Design.
  • Ergonomically Wheeled Design: for easy tilt and roll operation.
  • Bear Proof: Unique latching mechanism keeps all animals including bears out of your trash.
  • Chew resistant but not chew proof: Thick lid design with wrap around steel offers chew resistance but not chew proof. We recommend our Titan Can if you need something Chew Proof.

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How to leave your trash can unlocked on trash pickup day

Our Stealth Can makes it easy for trash haulers to pick up your trash while providing the best protection available to keep bears out of your trash.

Stealth Cans

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comparison Compare and see why the Bearicuda Stealth is the best bearproof trash can available.

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