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Critter Proof Cans

Raccoon Trash Can, The "Varmint Vault™" Keeps Small Animals and Critters Out Of Your Garbage.

The BEARicuda Bin™ line of animal proof garbage cans and containers has been widely successful in deterring bears and preventing animals such as raccoons, squirrels, dogs, chipmunks and other critters from entering your trash and making a mess.

BEARicuda, Inc has engineered a new critter and animal proof garbage can called the VarmintVault™ specifically designed for smaller animals such as dogs, raccoons, chipmunks, squirrels and other varmints which like to rummage through your trash. Our new Varmint Vault™ also known for being a raccoon proof and squirrel resistant keeps smaller animals and critters out of your garbage.

This raccoon approved garbage and trash can has many great features that not only make your trash safe from animals tipping and knocking it over but allows you, the end user to easily open and close this animal proof garbage can without manually clasping the lid closed!

Varmint Vault

Varmint Vault Features

Our VarmintVault™ is the only animal proof trash can on the market today that offers style and functionality. Opening and closing this animal resistant, proof garbage can is a cinch! It has an automatic latching mechanism that will latch shut as soon as the lid of the can is closed, so there are never any worries about manually clasping the lid down unlike competitive models. There are also no moving parts unlike other animal resistant garbage cans that have metal clasps that flop around and have a tendency to break from constant wear and tear of refuse companies handling your trash every week.

The VarmintVault™ also has a double walled rotationally molded body and Lid unlike any other animal or raccoon proof garbage cans which means more strength and a tougher more resilient plastic outer shell. The lid is also double the thickness of any other animal resistant, proof trash can, just compare our chew resistant corners to that of any competitor can. The corners on the back side of the lid where the handle and lid attach are a meaty 2” thick, unlike any competitor models that are less than ¼” thick.

We understand that garbage cans can take away the beauty from any home as well as a manicured landscape but not with our VarmintVault™! These critter proof garbage cans can stand beside any beautifully landscaped yard and the most gorgeous homes, period! Our animal resistant and raccoon proof trash cans look so good there is no need to even put them in an enclosure or hide them in your garage. The VarmintVault™ is aesthetically appealing unlike almost all other plastic garbage cans on the market today that are a very plain and have a cheap looking plastic appearance. Take note! Just compare our granite like finish on our VarmintVault™ animal proof and squirrel proof, resistant garbage and trash cans, it’s unlike any other finish on the market today. With our simple Twist Knob on the top of the VarmintVault™ opening this raccoon proof, squirrel proof, resistant garbage can is simple unlike other any other competitive models that require either awkward manual thumb latches or have heavy and bulky metal that surrounds the top of the lid.


Lock turn

Turn Knob To Unlock

Lid open

Pull Up On The Lid While Keeping Knob Turned

Lock Turn

Lid Will Automatically Lock Shut By Closing Lid Down, Spring Loaded Engineering.

chew resistant corners

Chew Resistant Corners

Back of Can

Beefy Body
And Lid Design

Lifting Bar

Built In Lifting Bar For
Automated Garbage Trucks


Secure & Reinforced Lid Design


U-bolt Secure Latch Design

Varmint Family


Varmint Vault™ 96 and 64 Gallon Specifications:

  • Our Cans are “Environmentally Green Friendly” and contain up to 50% recycled materials making them not only great for the environment but the toughest can on the market today. Our environmentally friendly plastic is double the thickness of any competitors – See video!

  • Our 96 and 64 gallon cans are able to be nested even when they are fully assembled, unlike our competitors where you need install some of the hardware such as the axle and wheel assembly.

  • 32 Gallon VarmintVault™ design is engineered with an attached wire from the body of the can to a thumb clasp latch that attaches itself to the lid of the can, VAR232 does not come equipped with same turning knob style design as 96 and 64 Gallon Models.

  • VarmintVault™ animal proof garbage cans are the most attractive garbage cans on the market today unlike other cans that have a smooth and ugly plasticky appearance. Our patented advanced rotationally molded technology creates unusually durable and attractive products.

  • We manufacture our VarmintVault™ animal proof garbage cans with a Double Wall rotationally molded Lid and body, making it the toughest garbage can on the market today. Bearicuda's manufacturing process allows us to make The World’s Toughest Bear Proof Garbage Cans. Stress is the enemy of all Plastic Products and our Advanced Rotational Molding™ offers a STRESS FREE manufacturing process relieving any pressure that is used to mold the cart unlike Injection molding = HIGH pressure, HIGH STRESS - typically indoor, low impact applications.

  • It’s resistant to chewing and clawing offering protection to both animals and people.

  • Ergonomically designed for easy tilt and roll operation.

  • Animal proof latch for secure garbage storage.
  • Color Available in GREENSTONE which is a beautiful granite looking finish, Dark Green, which blends beautifully with any landscape.Color shown is Black, please see GreenStone color swatch.



32 Gallon VarmintVault Clasp system (VAR232)
Clasp Detail (inset)

Varmint Vault back

VAR232 back view

Varmint Vault

Note - Many different kinds of animals, including raccoons and squirrels can chew thru plastic. Also, VAR232 DOES NOT have as thick of a lid as VAR264 and VAR296. We strongly recommend VAR264 and VAR296 if you have animals that pull the tops of your lids currently. There is no flex in the lids of VAR264 and VAR296. VAR232 has flexability to the lid which is not ideal for animals that pull lids upward.


If chewing is occurring around the lid area of the garbage can, which is usually the weakest entry point we would recommend our Bearicuda Stealth Models (STL296, STL264 and PAK132) which will work best. The reason being is that these models have a metal band around the lid that will help prevent chewing around the lid and create less leverage for the animals to continue this chewing process. Yet this does not mean a critter may not try and chew in another area of the garbage can, the chances are small but yet can occur. Another option is to try our Bearicuda Fortress, which is recommend for animals http://www.bearicuda.com/enclosures/enclosure-garden-potter.phpthat gnaw (PAK196 and PAK150), this is a screw top lid with a very heavy side wall and lid construction. Again there are no guarantees but 9 out of ten times these two options will prove to be successful. And in most cases many of our customers select our VarmintVault™  model for non bear related issues. Feel free to call us to ask any concerns you may have at 1-877-232-7428

Secret potter
For more information about other raccoon, squirrel, dog and other varmint proof trash cans, bear proof and animal proof garbage containers go to the below link: Complete list of all BEARicuda Bins™
96, 64 & 32 Gallon BEARicuda Varmint Vault Bin™ - Animal Resistant Garbage Can 
96 Gallon BEARicuda Varmint Vault Bin™
Color - "GreenStone" - Dark Green, Granite Finish - Dim: 43 3/4" Height X 30 1/4" Width X 35 1/2" Depth / Weight 50 lbs – Comes with Built-in Wheels, no assembly required - Holds 27.2 Cubic Feet - Load Rating 335 lbs/152.0 kg/ 10” Wheel Diameter, Conforms To ANSI Standards for Type “B” and “G” Lifters
Seen this product for less?
64 Gallon BEARicuda Varmint Vault Bin™
Color - "GreenStone" - Dark Green, Granite Finish - Dim: 42 1/4" Height X 24 3/4" Width X 31 50" Depth / Weight 44 lbs - Comes with Built-in Wheels, no assembly required - Holds 19.1 Cubic Feet - Load Rating: 224 lbs/101.6 kg 10” Wheel Diameter, Conforms To ANSI Standards for Type “B” and “G” Lifters.
Seen this product for less?
32 Gallon BEARicuda Varmint Vault Bin™
Color - "GreenStone" - Dark Green Body/Black Lid, Granite Finish - Dim: 37 1/2" Height X 19 3/4" Width X 24 1/4" Depth - Weight 22 lbs – Comes with Built-in Wheels, no assembly required - Equipped w/ Wire/Thumb Clasp Latching System, Not turning knob design - Holds 10.4 Cubic Feet - Load Rating: 112 lbs/101.6 kg 8” Wheel Diameter, Conforms To ANSI Standards for Type “B” and “G” Lifters
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Stealth: the best bearproof can

Disclaimer: Although BEARicuda Bin™ trash cans have been rigorously tested, we cannot make with a 100% guarantee that a bear or any other animal will never penetrate any of our cans. All animals are unpredicatable and many smaller animals (such as squirrels, raccoons, rats are very tenacious with sharp teeth and could penetrate a plastic garbage can if they begin to chew). All our cans have been an effective deterrent against all types of animals in which most never penetrate the can. Cans maybe damaged in certain instances such as chewing or other unusual circumstances of which Bearicuda will not offer a replacement or refund. Example, squirrels, raccoons and other animals with sharp teeth could potentially gnaw into the can where other larger animals cannot access. This is a rare event, but if you are experiencing chewing please call our office and we will help you select the correct product for your needs because no poly can on the market today is completely impenetrable. In 95% of cases you will find the Varmint Vault and Stealth Bins a complete deterrent for bears and all other pesky animals rumaging through your trash.

Note: Some trash or refuge providers may have size restrictions regarding the size of the containers they will service. Please check with your local trash provider before purchasing to ensure you have the correct size requirement.

The Titan Enclosures Are Made Specifically For Chewing Raccoons, Squirrels, Mice and Even Bears!

Durable all metal bearproof trash and garbage can provides safe and secure trash storage with easy maneuverability.

PAK306 - For Bears, Raccoon, Squirrels and Mice that Chew!

CONSTRUCTION: All welded 14GA. Steel This metal bear, raccoon, and squirrel proof Trash Bin has one trash door on top , has two oversize hard rubber wheels and is designed to be dumped by a “cart tipper” on the trash service truck. Or you can manually pull trash bags directly from the top of the bin.

This metal bin is the only metal bin tested and approved to effectively keep out any gnawing animals while providing for a smaller product enclosure without having to purchase a big metal dumpster.

FINISH: Our metal bear proof and raccoon proof garbage cans have a powder coat baked-on finish, Standard color is USFS brown Optional colors are available

DIMENSIONS:PAK306 32”W x 32”D x 45”H Shipping Weight 153# LATCHES: Standard latches are clip type (springclip)

PAK305 - For Bear and Raccoons

CONSTRUCTION: All welded 14GA. Steel One trash door on top, this metal bear proof and raccoon proof metal trash can has two oversize hard rubber wheels and is designed to be dumped by a “cart tipper” on the trash service truck.

Effectively keeps out any kind of animal that can gnaw through plastic.

FINISH: Powder Coat baked-on finish Standard color is USFS brown Optional colors are available

DIMENSIONS: PAK305 27”W x 27”D x 45”H Shipping Weight 128# LATCHES: Standard latches are clip type (springclip)

Metal Bear Proof, raccoon proof and squirrel proof Garbage Bin available in 65 gallon (PAK305) and 95 gallon (PAK306) models


PAK306 - 95 Gallon Cart


PAK305 - 65 Gallon Cart

"The Titan" Bear Proof Trash Enclosure Cart 
All Metal 65 gallon RollAway, Dimensions:
Dim 19”W x 19”D x 43”H

An Alternative To Plastic Carts Show options
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All Metal 95 gallon RollAway,
Exterior Dimensions:
Interior Dim 23”W x 23”D x 43”H

An Alternative To Plastic Carts Show options
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