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STEALTH Bear Proof Garbage Cans Provide a Low Profile, Non Bulky, Powder Coated Steel Frame Construction (NOT Aluminum) With a Spring Loaded Closure System

Stealth Can

Why the Bearicuda Stealth Bearproof Trash Cans Are Better
Than the Competiton

Bearicuda’s partner and enginerring group has developed and patented a revolutionary breakthrough in rotational molding to help build the World's Toughest Bear Proof Garbage and Trash Cans on the market today. This advanced plastics process is called Advanced Rotational Molding™, which uses all the superior characteristics of conventional rotational molding while enhancing the aesthetic “curb appeal” of the product while keeping with the outperforming structural characteristics of our Bear Proof Garbage Cans against any competition.

Conventional rotational molding eliminates the number one enemy of plastic - Stress. The weakest spot and most probable failure point exists where molded in Stress is trapped in the part wall. This process creates NO STRESS in our Bearicuda Bear Proof, Raccoon Proof and Critter Proof Garbage Cans. All carts made from other processes, namely injection molding, having stress built into the product from using high pressure (20,000 psi) to force molten plastic through a narrow opening in the mold. Pressure causes stress that leads to premature failures. Our Advanced Rotational Molding Process for our Bearicuda Bins has NO STRESS. In addition, Bearicuda uses a superior polyethylene compared to that used by injection molders. Linear medium density polyethylene (MDPE) is specifically engineered for toughness and high impact resistance in all our Bearicuda Bear Proof and Raccoon Proof Garbage Cans. Injection molders use a high density polyethylene (HDPE) which is stiff, rigid (sometimes brittle), with inferior impact resistance. The Environmental Stress Crack Resistance (ESCR) test for our bear proof garbage can MDPE is greater than 1,000 hours, compared with an injection molder's HDPE which is less than 50 hours.

In addition to NO STRESS and superior raw material, rotationally molded parts are the strongest in the areas of corners and curves which are the weakest points of large parts made by injection molding.

Finally, Advanced Rotational Molding technology was developed to allow for aesthetic and structural designs not possible with conventional rotational molding which is precisely why our Bearicuda Stealth II Cans look so attractive. The Rugged Rim®, rigid flanges, sealed stop bar journals, intricate details, and black stealth like granite finishes became possible with the discovery of micro-pellets. The "flow characteristics" of this proprietary material makes it possible to combine the best design and structural advantages of conventional rotational molding, injection molding, and blow molding. Advanced Rotational Molding molds No Stress into the part. Stop bar journals are molded, not drilled out as they are in injection carts. Bearicuda Bins sealed journals provide ten times the weight-bearing surface as compared to drilled holes. Also the cart body is leak-free.

No process is equal to Advanced Rotational Molding for molding tough, durable plastic bear proof garbage cans like Bearicuda Bins. Bearicuda is providing to its customers unsurpassed quality and "The World's Toughest Bear Proof Garbage Can" on the market today! Anyone telling you different is simply not looking or conveniently ignoring the facts on how great plastic products are engineered and constructed.


What’s so special about our BEARICUDA Stealth II?

  1. It’s the most discrete and unassuming engineered can on the market today!

  2. Independently tested, it’s the toughest! Our plastic is double the strength and thickness!

  3. It’s the most attractive!

  4. It has the simplest and quickest automated latching system!

  5. Few if any repairs are ever needed to our cans but if required field repairs are quick and easy made by the owner.

  6. People tend to forget to re-latch the clasp unlike our latching system that is self closing.

Unlike many of our competitors we fabricate many of our own components and offer carts with and without thumb clip latches, overwhelmingly our customers purchase our Stealth II Bear Proof Cans that are self locking and not our manual thumb latch design.

Best Bear proof can

The "Stealth"
it's simply the BEST!

What’s not so special about other cans?

  1. Non discrete - heavy, bulky metal around the can.

  2. Competitor cans are not double wall rotationally molded, half the strength – See Video!

  3. They are not attractive

  4. More prone to be stolen

  5. Virtually impossible to fix almost any kind of damage to the can, must be sent back to manufacturer which is usually never under any kind of warranty.

  6. Latching system is awkward and difficult to operate.


STEALTH Bear Proof Cans Have Little Hardware Components To Them By Design,
Making Our Cans The Easiest For Field Repair.

If A New Latching Mechanism is Ever Needed, It Takes 3 Bolts To Remove And Replace. And Our One Piece Metal Banding Is Seamlessly Engineered Into The Body of The Can.


Competitors Cans Have Lots of Bulky Metal All Over The Can That Eventually Becomes Bent Overtime, As Well As A Complex Locking Mechanism That Is Hidden Inside The Front Apron of The Can, Making Field Repairs Virtually Impossible Without Shipping The Can Back To The Manufacturer, Incurring Additional Expense And Down Time.

Why Bearicuda Stealth Bearproof Garbage Cans Are The Best Bear Proof Trash Cans Available...

Let’s face it, Bear and animal proof garbage cans aren’t cheap.
That’s why it’s so important to choose the right can
but choosing the wrong product could be very costly.

We are not afraid to share with you who our competitors are because once you can compare
the differences between our can and theirs we are confident you’ll choose a Bearicuda Bin.

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