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Two Can Storage Bin

Economical Wooden Trash & Garbage Enclosure Bin


Our Bearicuda economy garbage can enclosure bin allows you to not only hide those unsightly garbage cans but also allows you to organize your trash needs while combining function with style. This economical trash can enclosure keeps trash and recycling well organized. Our outdoor wooden trash enclosures are made from a very similar material to our natural cedar outdoor wooden trash enclosures but without the cost.
Our outdoor trash can enclosure will enhance the beauty of any outdoor space while keeping your trash cans in a centralized location for easy access. Our storage and recycling enclosures are engineered?and crafted of solid hardwood harvested from the Cypress tree family that has decay resistant properties similar to Western Red Cedar. We use beautiful tongue and groove construction that will give the bin a natural feel of western red cedar. This specifies of wood is also moisture resistant for enhanced weather protection while serving as a retardant to bugs and other pests that can damage wood. We also apply a rich medium brown stain to the wood surface and finish it with a protective coating to enhance the woods durability. Although we do apply an outdoor acrylic stain/sealer, we do recommend applying a protective finish as needed throughout the years. Assembly is very simple and comes with easy to follow instructions. We will ship anywhere in North America at NO COST. Note, This is not chew proof but resistant also this is designed to be a lightweight enclosure with no floor and during inclement weather should be protected, most notably from high winds. If you need a chew proof enclosure you must order one of our metal enclosures. Aggressive animals can chew though wood.

More Information About Our Wood Species
The genus Cunninghamia is a genus of evergreen coniferous trees in the cypress family Cupressaceae. They are native to China, Taiwan and northern Vietnam, where they may reach 50-55 m in height. Cunninghamia is also called "China-fir" (though it is not a fir).

The cones of China-fir are often proliferous (with a vegetative shoot growing on beyond the tip of the cone) on cultivated trees; this is rare in wild trees, and may be a cultivar selected for easy vegetative propagation for use in forestry plantations. Their efficiency in forestry plantations makes products made of China-fir environmentally responsible choice for consumers.

Our BIN400 is FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council) and we produce this outdoor wooden trash and garbage can enclosure using wood from FSC certified forests. This allows us to partner with companies that are socially responsible and care about our environment. When you buy FSC certified products it assures the product comes from a forest evaluated against rigorous environmental and social standards.

Two Different Product Sizes Available

BIN400 Medium:
Inside Dim 58"W x 30"D x (47"H at Back / 42"H at Front)Must allow at least 1" internal dimensions variances and allow 2" gap room

BIN401 Large:
Inside Dim 61"W x 35"D x (51"H at Back) 47"H Front) Must allow at least 1" internal dimensions variances and allow 2" gap room

Assemby manual
BIN400 Assembly
Assemby manual
BIN401 Assembly

Woodbury Side photos

Outdoor Wooden Garbage Can Enclosure Features & Benefits:

  • Similar properties to Western Red Cedar ? see testing reports
  • Very elegantly crafted, engineered and designed while keeping in my functionality, durability and style
  • Beautiful arched top not only adds style but sheds away ice, snow and rain.
  • Rot and weather resistant properties come from the cypress tree family species of solid hardwoods
  • Beautiful tongue and groove board construction
  • Beautiful medium brown stained applied and finished with a protective coating
  • Hardware stands up to the outdoor elements
  • Trash enclosure can hold various size garbage cans
  • Bearicuda garbage enclosure keeps your trash out of your garage and outdoors where it should be.
  • Designed purposely with no floor ? simple easy access and roll out of trash bins
  • Engineered for year round outdoor use
  • Reinforced bracing system to corners adds structural enhancement
  • "Ease Of Use", we have engineered this trash can enclosure with a pneumatic lid allowing one hand operation; lid will stay open by itself without having to hold it with your other hand, perfect for elderly people or those with disabilities
  • The doors and Lid are lockable to help prevent small pesky animals from entering the enclosure
  • The Woodbury has an outdoor acrylic stain/sealer already applied. Paint can be applied to this unit by the customer if desired. Proper prep and testing of a specific areas should be taken before applying another finish.
  • BIN400 is purposely designed without a floor for easy accessibility allowing the user to not have to lift and drop the trash cans.
  • BIN400 series must be kept on a level surface. If this is not possible we recommend purchasing BIN501. None of our bins are warrantied against damage caused by natural events. It's the customers responsibility to insure proper placement. BIN501 comes with a floor giving it more rigidity and weight.

BIN401 - Outside Dim: 65"W x 38"D x 53"H Inside Dim: 61"W x 35"D x (51"H at Back / 47"H at Front)

BIN400 - Outside Dim: 62"W x 34"D x 48"H Inside Dim: 58"W x 30"D x (47"H at Back / 42"H at Front)

"The MEDIUM Woodbury" Economy Wooden Trash and Recycling Enclosure 
MEDIUM Woodbury Trash and Recycling Enclosure
Outside Dim: 62"W x 34"D x 48"H, Door Height Approx. 42"
Inside Dim 58"W x 30"D x (47"H at Back / 42"H at Front)
Allow 1-2" of Gap Room on Int Depth and Width when measuring cans, allow for variances
INCUDES FREE SHIPPING *NOTE* Always Confirm Inside Dimensions With Cans Being Used To Insure They Fit Properly
Seen this product for less?
"The LARGE Woodbury" Economy Wooden Trash and Recycling Enclosure
Woodbury Trash and Recycling Enclosure Outside Dim: 65"W x 38"D x 53"H, Door Height Approx. 47" Inside Dim 61"W x 35"D x (51"H at Back / 47"H at Front) Allow 1-2" of Gap Room on Depth and Width of interior when measuring cans, allow for variances.
INCUDES FREE SHIPPING *NOTE* Always Confirm Inside Dimensions With Cans Being Used To Insure They Fit Properly
Seen this product for less?
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